Rat runs seen in a loft

One of the problems faced after a rat infestation in a loft is the amount of faeces and urine left behind – as well as the dead bodies of course. The problem is that the insulation is now contaminated with pathogens which carry disease, so our advice is to get loft clearance done to remove all traces of the infestation and re-insulate once the rat problem is sorted.

If you don’t do this, most trades people will not venture into the loft to do repairs or new installations, if you store things in the loft, they will also become contaminated and then there is the constant smell…..yes rat poo and wee smells for ever, so eventually it will attract all sorts of other pest problems.

Rat dropping and grease marks

So what do you do? Simple, get Rapid Pest Control to professionally clean, decontaminate and re-insulate your loft, leaving it fresh and clean and well insulated to the government recommended standards, keeping your home warm and reducing heating bills (and protecting the environment of course!).

As you can appreciate, this is not a job we would recommend you do yourself. It is essential that proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is used and all precaution are taken to isolate and contain the contamination held within the loft. It’s a hot, uncomfortable job requiring specialist equipment and sanitising chemicals, which are not avaialbe to the general public, but the worse they are, the better we like it!

All traces are hoovered up and cleaned

The first step is to remove all possessions from the loft. These have to be handled carefully as they will be contaminated. The owner of the property must make a judgement as to save or discard the items. If they are saved, then they need to be quarantined and decontaminated separately. Other materials like old insulation and rubbish from the loft are bagged in situ, sealed to avoid cross contamination and carried out of the property for disposal.

This waste is classed as biohazardous waste, due to the contamination by faeces and urine, so needs to be handled differently from normal household waste. Once all the large matter is removed, the whole loft is vacuumed and cleaned of all contaminants, including poo and dirt left from rats.

All wiring is visually checked for rodent damage

We then visually check all the wiring, looking for signs of chewing or scorching which may have been caused for rat or mouse chewing. Once all clear, we then spray the loft space with a decontaminating fluid, which kills all germs on contact. Once this is dry, we apply a deodoriser to remove any odours present, allowing plenty of air to circulate and dry the loft space completely.

When we are completely happy with the decontamination process, we then insulate the loft space to a recommended depth of 200mm all over. Unfortunately, most of the subsidies available for loft insulation are no longer running, which is a great shame as this used to be very cost effective to do, giving the home owner huge savings.

Finished job – insulated and clean

Once this is all completed, the house owner knows that the loft is free of rodent infestation, free of contamination from pathogens, as well as having an eco friendly energy saving loft.

So if you have had a rat infested loft, or simply want the loft cleared out an insulated, contact Rapid Pest Control now for a free survey and competitive quotation for loft clearance and insulation.

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