Moles need to be controlled

Moles need to be controlled

Its been a funny few weeks, I suppose its pretty much down to the odd weather, but I am also getting lots of calls on moles – pretty unusual for this time of year.

I do like the furry little blighters and every time I get called out to deal with them, I do get a little sad. Shame they do so much damage really.

I did a very large job over in Hungerford a few weeks ago – absolutely lovely family – who had a wedding on the front lawn, but the little men in black had been at work to attempt to spoil the day.

With a combination of gassing and trapping, I soon got the area cleared and then moved on to the orchard – well this was even worse! I don’t think I have ever set so many traps in one session. But with care and patience, we soon sorted out that problem too.

The real joke was the other morning. I was sat in the office dealing with the dreaded paperwork, when I noticed a small mound appear in the middle of my lawn! I could not believe it, so I jumped up, tore outside only to see the mound now stop moving and Moley disappear.

Well out with the traps! Luckily, a delivery arrived that morning of a new type of trap I had not used before, so I thought what a great place to test them.

After wrestling with these new traps for a few minutes, catching fingers etc as you do with new things, I deployed several in the runs and went back indoors. After only a few hours, I looked up to see that a trap had sprung, and in it a nice plump mole. I re-set the trap to see if any further activity might happen, only to catch a second one the next day.

No more trouble now – Just shows even Pest Controllers get pests!