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Massa Valley Region

The Massa Valley is situated in the Souss Massa National Park, about 40km South of Agadir. This area is unspoilt and offers a desert type experience for those who do not have the time to go to Zagora or take a longer trip into the desert.

The dunes are an easy walk from the small fishing village of Tifnit (about 12km off the main N1 road between Agadir and Tiznit). You can park in the village and head slightly north and before you know it you are walking up massive dunes. Some areas allow you to drive, but we would recommend only to drive if there are more than 2 proper 4×4 vehicles – sand is very easy to get stuck in and only the most experienced drivers should attempt it.

The dunes go along the coastline for about 15km and it is worth the walk – remember to take plenty of water as it is very hot out there. Afterwards, why not go into the village and experience life as a Berber. Many small restaurants will make you welcome and you will feast on fresh fish and local delicacies – most restaurants have tables right on the beach.

There is a large fish market in the village which provides excellent fish at really good prices, so worth a look round.

Just a few km south you will find houses actually in the cliffs, so make your way down the cliff face and onto the beaches to see these incredible houses and meet the fishermen.

This is a trip you will not forget, from the dunes, to the cave houses, the Massa Valley is a beautiful unspoilt place. You can also go birdwatching – try to find the Bald Ibis and the Flamingoes and surfing in the area too so it has it all.

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