I had a call from one of our commercial customers which went along the lines of:

“We have 3 cottages we need you to take a look at – I think they might be a bit overgrown, but I am sure you can sort them for us”.

So I popped over to take a look…….Well I have a Landrover and I struggled to get into the gate way as the grass was so tall!

Normally, this would be a case of just getting a tractor and paddock swipe and off we go, however access was a total problem as the 3 cottages all had small access and low trees etc making this a real problem.

After walking around the site – hoping not to be captured by some tribe that might be lurking – I came up with a solution to this problem – our awesome Etesia Mower with the windrow attachment and our trusty strimmers!

I was advised that the Etesia would not cope with grass so long, however with limited options we just got on with it. Luckily we had a good break in the weather and so the sun had dried out the grass otherwise I would have thought twice. So Ric D was set off on the Etesia, Pete was dispatched to the hedges (again so overgrown you cant believe it) and I set off with the strimmer to uncover paths and cut the roadside banks and boundaries.

After 5 days, we did manage to get this job completed – and the transformation is simply amazing – the pictures, whilst good, do not show the real difference but they will give you some idea.

We have just gone back and undertaken the first maintenance visit and I have to say that it is really looking great with the new green grass growth coming through – now we will be on a fortnightly visit to maintain the hard work.

Picture 1 – The Orchard – What no trees!

Picture 2 – Spot the Patio (and Path)!!

Picture 3 – An English Country Garden – well it is now!

The only casualty was a damaged drive belt on the Etesia which under the circumstances was pretty much expected – a truly great machine all round.