Mouse Control

I had a call on Christmas eve  – bit of an odd one really but worthy of note for mouse control.

I went to the house in Newbury to assess the problem, and asked the client to explain what the situation was.

This lady, Ruth, told me that she had come home for Christmas to visit her parents the previous day and went off to sleep in her old bedroom, only to be woken in the night by something pulling her hair. She switched the light on and there was a mouse sat on the bedside table! Not only was it not scared, it actually jumped on the bed and ran dow the full length of it!

Well that would be enough to freak me out, but the mouse still sat in the middle of the room cleaning itself, so Ruth tried to catch it (without success unfortunately). Anyway, the next morning she went to the larder and our little friend had also had a bit of a party in here too – stuff scattered everywhere, the notorious nibbled packets etc all over the place – hence the call to us.

On inspection, our little guest was not alone. There was a serious amount of activity in the loft, the utility room and airing cupboard. They have been using the pipe routes as the path to just about everywhere – we found evidence in the lounge, spare rooms, and bathrooms, but curiously not the kitchen.

We have embarked on a course of poison treatments, concentrating in the larder, loft and airing cupboard to eradicate the problem. We also discovered the entry point – an air brick in the utility room which is also being sorted.

So if you have strange happenings going on, or hear bumps in the night – you know who to call, not Ghostbusters but Rapid Pest Control!