A few weeks ago, our good friends Ulli and Lena took us to a very secluded beach they discovered. It’s a perfect place to go with the dogs as there are no people, it’s really safe with lots of sandy rock pools and a perfect place for Millie to learn not to be afraid of the water.

We packed loads of stuff in preparation for a full day of fun, food and drink for us and the dogs, plus the surf boards had to go in as well – just in case there was a swell we could playon! Ulli and Lena also have 3 dogs so we knew that all the dogs would have a ball chasing about and swimming.

Our older dogs are perfectly happy in the car – we always like to take them to fun places when possible – but Millie is not a good traveller and so rather sitting in the back with the other two, sits on a lap up front so the inevitable vomit can be easily mopped up!

The trip took about 35 minutes due to the road works, but eventually we turned off the main road onto a dirt track leading to the cliff top overlooking the beach. Initial impressions matched expectations and this truly is a perfect unspoilt spot – we were the only people to be seen. We unpacked and set off down the narrow path, passing by a few local fishing huts and onto the sandy beach.

The dogs made for the sea. Our two Labradors just love it and soon were chasing about and digging up rocks – Jasmine’s favourite game! We dumped all the gear and Ulli and I headed off to the sea as well. The water this time of the year is cold but you soon get used to it. The waves were small and so the rock pools were much more attractive for the dogs.

Millie loves to chase about, but is too frightened to go into the sea further than knee deep, but with all the others in, she got a bit braver as time when on – she still does not really like the water and sits and watches rather than getting in. We don’t force it, so all in good time.

After a few hours we stopped them running about and just calmed them down a bit – the sun is very hot and they will soon become ill unless they rest and refill with water and rest a bit – same for us too! After a nice lunch, the tide turned and started to come in – this beach disappears once the tide come in – I think this is why its not used much as you only get a few hours here, but for us that was perfect.

We actually went back a few days ago for a few hours – it is amazing the difference in confidence Millie has over time – she really is growing up quickly. I went off rock pooling with all 3 dogs, Millie almost swam but at least she came and went in the water without fear, so next time I think she will swim properly with the others which will be great.

Here are a few pictures of the day taken by Lena – enjoy!