It’s been a few weeks since my last “Millie Post” so time for a quick update.

Life is slowly settling down, the other two dogs are accepting that this little thing is not going anywhere soon, and that she is always going to be annoying, so that’s a big step forward. The dynamics of all the interactions is very amusing – they totally ignore her when we are looking or around, but every now and then the guard drops and we catch them playing or grooming and even cuddling up together.

We have bought a dog cage for Millie so she has a safe place – it can also double as the naughty corner, she hates to be isolated and because of her situation of separation so early in life we try not to use it as a punishment, but a safe place instead. We are establishing routines and Millie is very quick to learn, so evenings are not a problem now – she used to scream the house down when left at night, but now she worries to go into the cage at night and get her treat – we really don’t hear a peep out of her until morning.

Feeding is still a bit of a trauma – with two Labs leaping about and a small puppy underfoot, somebody always seems to get squidged and it gets a bit manic for a few moments – but then after the feeding starts it’s all quite for a bit.

House training is slowly getting there – all our floors are tiled the same, so are the balcony and courtyards so I guess it’s pretty confusing as to where to go, but she is slowly getting it and actually asking to go out. She does pee more than most and we are getting a few accidents but generally now she gets it on the newspaper 90% of the time – so for one so young thats a result.

Our walks are also a bit of a nightmare – the 3 dogs all go off in different directions and all love to find things to eat on the beach. I find it incredible that even having just fed, they still do this. Millie comes to call pretty much all the time now (except when there is anything to eat), we soon we will start whistle training one to one. She now walks on a lead so she really is getting that as well.

Over the weekend we took her down to the sea – there is a small lagoon which is calm and shallow, she longs to get in with the others but is still too scared of the waves and water – she has gone in up to her knees and then ran out – all in good time.

Most of the time is it constant attention seeking, the biting is still happening and it is driving us mad. We have tried everything but I guess we just have to persevere with what the experts say and it will stop – we are covered in scars and bite marks and sitting in front of the TV is pretty much off the list at the moment – you are too busy trying to fend off the crazy little dog!

She does not like being told off and sulks for ages if you do – going straight to the other person or even going to the other dogs – totally ignoring you for a good hour or so – she is very highly strung. The whole time is now spent pushing boundaries and just being very naughty, testing us and the other dogs to our limits.

We have a few hours of mayhem, then she curls up to sleep somewhere for an hour and it all starts again…mosting in laundry baskets, on sofa’s and basically anywhere she should not be.

It is amazing to see the transformation of this sorry little dog into a confident and happy puppy, full of life and mischief. Just simple things like getting up and down the stairs, she now charges up and down like a lunatic with no fear whatsoever. She is not scared of her yellow chewy toy now and it’s become a favorite – she has so many toys to amuse herself, but the big dogs also love them all too – sharing is never an option here.

We are taking bunches of pictures at the moment as she is totally cute and eventually she will grow up and just be another dog. Today we are off to the vets for a follow up jab – soon all the inoculations will be complete and we can then travel a bit further afield – we want to take them to Massa Valley sand dunes – they will totally love this.