mole control newbury

We are getting more calls for mole control in the Newbury area as the weather is changing.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “Why are we getting moles now? The answer is pretty simple – they are following the food source and when it rains the worms rise to the surface, hence the moles are following them.

The most common evidence you see is those shallow runs just below the surface. These are the most difficult to deal with as it is generally juvenile moles just looking for an easy feed, so there are no established tunnels and they are too shallow to gas or trap in most cases.

We are using the new Trapline mole traps a lot at the moment for this type of run and they are working quite well, but our favourite is still the Talpex trap, which yields very well.

Later this week, I am going to do a few videos of mole trapping, showing the different types of trap we use and in which applications they work best. In my opinion, it is still too dry to gas effectively, so trapping is the best method at the moment.

If you have a mole problem, just contact us now or call 01635 247192 for you mole control service from Rapid Pest Control.