This week, we have had so many calls on mole problems – I have not known a time like it.

Normally, after a bit of frost and snow, you do see a slight increase in activity, but nothing like we have seen this week – I would say 80% of call taken this week are about moles – with one notable excepting and that was for a wasp problem in a B&B where guest were getting stung in their beds! Glad to say, we found the source of the problem and dealt with it immediately (unlike one of our competitors who couldn’t find the problem!!).

Moles are a real issue as they are so difficult to get rid of, and quite often come back after a while. This is due to the enormous amount of tunnels these little creatures produce – up to 250mt PER DAY are dug, so in a small lawn, there are a lot of tunnels.

Trapping is always a problem when there is frost as its hard to find runs and harder to set traps. Any traps set are subject to being frozen in the ground and become almost useless. Gas is expensive and similar problems are experienced finding decent runs to gas.

We always warn clients that this time of the year is problematic, far more so than any other time due to the frost issue. Interestingly, once you get through the top 2 inches of frost, the soil is warm and moist – ideal conditions for worms and of course digging!

All we can hope for is the cold snap only lasts a while so we can get back to normal procedures.

If you have a mole problem or lots of mole hills, call Rapid Pest Control today so we can deal with it for you.