Mole Hills Everywhere

Everytime it snows we get loads of calls for mole control. This will be a familiar picture to most gardeners after a snow fall.

So why do they appear after snow – and why in such numbers?

This is a common question asked by our clients, but the answer is simple – they are following the worms and their activity. When we get a severe frost, the top layer of soil freezes, forcing the worms to go deep to avoid being trapped and frozen in the soil. The moles also follow them down, following the food source deeper into the earth.

When it snows, a layer of insualtion is formed and the ground temperature rises, drawing the worms back, closer to the surface. The moles then need to dig new tunnels to trap the earthworms in – hence the increase in activity.┬áMoles must eat lots of worms to survive, particulalrly in cold conditions – in fact they feed every few hours all day, everyday.

Treatments in the cold frosty weather are pretty ineffective, traps freeze in the ground and do not trip properly, and gas does not react with the moisture creating the toxic cloud it needs to kill the moles quickly, so all we have to do is wait until the snow is gone and the frosts become less severe.

As the snow melts, the ground will become waterlogged, so ideal for trapping or gassing – so getting back on top of mole problems will be fairly straight forward but the shear number of traps we will deploy over the next few weeks will be staggering.

In this weather it is very unlikely you will see a mole on the surface, but they do make runs under the snow above ground, so you might be lucky enough to see one moving under  deep snow.

If you are having problems with moles in your garden, call Rapid Pest Control now for advice on dealing with mole problems and to book a mole control treatment. If left unchecked, moles cause significant damage to grounds and gardens, and of course garden machinery due to the amount of spoil excavated.

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