Cluster flies

The last two weeks have been pretty mental. With all the snow and everything holding up some of the big jobs we have going on, we are now flat-out catching up on things.

We are getting loads of calls on cluster flies and flies in bedrooms etc. I have a theory which I want to share with you. Basically, due to the bad weather, most people have had the heating on full-bore and this in turn has warmed up the loft spaces etc, making the flies think its spring!

First thing they want to do is get out into the sunlight, but alas all they get is a closed window to go to. Hence all the calls on flies.

The good thing is that cluster flies don’t carry the normal diseases associated to house flies and blue-bottles etc as they do not feed on rotting matter or faeces, the bad news is the really know how to buzz and can be very annoying!

If you have a problem with Cluster Flies, give us a call or tweet us on rapid_pest and we will help to try and sort them for you – the big problem is they just keep coming back.