Eventually, after over 2 months waiting for my fence panel order to arrive, we managed to get this long suffering (and extremely patient!) customer her brand new fence.

I will not compromise on quality, and whilst I may have got hold of some inferior fencing materials, the customer agreed that this was a one off and needed to be the best quality.

As this was a replacement rather than a wind damaged fence, we didn’t have to make temporary fencing to secure the property – so the time frames were less important.

All in all, this was 21 panels consisting of 3 lots of seven, the left and right hand rear fence, and the left hand front. As with all replacement fencing, this was a really tough job. I hate to follow on after somebody Else’s work, especially when there line was all over the place and so we had to smash every single hole out to get the fence straight.

We did have some really long days, but managed to erect all the fences in two days – we were all totally knackered at the end of it but with so much work coming in, we had no choice but to work fast and hard to get it completed.

I would like to say a big thanks to the customer – she provided loads of tea and chocolate biscuits to keep us going – note to other customers – we love chocolate biscuits!

Unfortunately, in our haste to get going, I forgot the “before” pictures….so its just the completed ones this time.