As time goes by, more pictures are coming through – but by no means all of them!

Here is a quick selection of recent ones – staring Hemant Amin, a Senior Partner from Charles Lucas Marshall Solicitors, who was the unfortunate victim of curiosity when he came over to find out what was going on…..what a great sport he was!

Also, Richard Pennington, the first victim of the Apron of Doom – I think he rather liked wearing it – is there something you need to tell us Rich?

There are a few more of yours truly…..!! Interestingly, I have no pictures of Neale James or Adam Hillier, the organisers of this … is there any out there?

We are jetting off on Thursday night, to be greeted by a further Stag/Hen do over in South Africa arranged by some rather loud Afrikaner friends which will almost certainly be a rather heavy session – I had better say goodbye to my eye brows now!

As yet, I have seen no pictures from Karen’s Hen Party, but by all accounts it was pretty good, they went to Jongelers at the Corn Exchange and then off for a bop after.

More pictures to follow if they are interesting/funny etc