On Monday, we did a garden clearance and turfing job in Oxford for a good contact of ours, Andy Foulds of 0800 Handyman. If you have never come across 0800 Handyman before, its a really great idea for people who don’t have time to do the little jobs around the house like putting up pictures, shelves etc.

We don’t normally go as far as Oxford, but as it was Andy we made the exception. Andy did the survey for me to keep costs down of travelling and I must say his measurements were spot on (as you would expect from a tradesman I suppose!).

I was warned it was a little weedy, but with all the rain etc this garden was something else. Anyway, we did a load of hand pulling of weeds – approx 2 cubic meter bags full to be exact, then got stuck in with the rotavator to break down the thick clay soil. The development we were working on was typical of getting as many houses on the estate as possible, then the designers realising that access needs to be made to get into the garden so they put a tiny pathway down the back. This causes major problems with getting equipment and materials to the garden.

Despite this, we got the ground prepared and the turf laid and changed a jungle into a beautiful lawn. Good job the rain has been pretty constant since then as turf needs tons of water in the early days to ensure root growth.