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The Moroccan Climate

Morocco has a very temperate climate but you don’t want to be caught out, so if you’re travelling for a beach holiday or Skiing in the mountains here’s what you need to know.

The Spring

Morocco does have excellent sunshine most of the year but the Spring is a particularly nice time to visit Morocco. You can expect temperatures of 23-26C (Agadir and Marrakesh), although when the sun falls it can get quite cold in the evenings so a jacket is still required. The peaks of the mountains are still covered in snow at this time making for beautiful photography.

The Summer

For those Sun worshippers, Morocco doesn’t disappoint in the Summer (May and June are particularly hot) the South of the Country can reach 38C. For those that need cooling down-stay close to the Ocean with a cool sea breeze or the cooler climate of the mountains. The sun is very strong so make sure you have good sun protection – especially a hat.

The Autumn

The Autumn is still a pleasant time to visit Morocco, the temperature is still warm and you can still have a swim in the sea. The nights are now getting longer so a jacket is required for the cooler evenings.

The Winter

Although it might rain during the Winter, the climate is still very temperate along the coastline. In the mountains, the temperature is cold and is the perfect location for Skiing, November through to March are perfect for the surf. The sea remains a good temperature which is why Morocco is a fantastic destination for surfers.

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