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The Moroccan Culture

From Berber origins through to modern culture, Morocco has it all. The country has been inhabited for over 300,000 years, and during that time has been influenced by several civilisations.

Morocco has a very diverse culture, but through tolerance and respect for each religion, Morocco is actually a very peaceful place. You will expect to see Berber, Muslim and Christianity all merged together in this country.

Morocco is ruled by His Majesty King Mohamed VI, through this Monarchy Morocco really has a desire to build a unified modern state, whilst not forgetting the Country’s roots and traditions.

The Modern Morocco

Morocco really is moving into the Modern ‘Western’ world very quickly. With the improvement in the Country infrastructure and provision of new resorts the landscape is changing, with many more people looking to Morocco as a holiday destination. The locals are very tolerant of the tourists that arrive in Morocco and are a friendly nation that want to engage with you.

You will find that communication is no problem in Morocco, your mobile phone will work (we typically found that the network coverage was Meditel) and if you need connection to the Internet their are plenty of Internet Cafes that you can use for quite a modest fee. Mobile costs tend to be very high – data especially and most providers do not reduce rates for Morocco – so be very careful.

Women in Morocco

The role of women in Morocco is changing, although when you visit some villages you still won’t see many women in the street. However Moroccan women these days are becoming increasingly present in both political and economic life and there has been a reform on family laws which have strengthened their rights within the family. Most Moroccan women still cover themselves from head to foot, however they are used to seeing tourists that don’t comply to these traditions. They won’t be shocked by much, however we would ask that you respect the Country traditions wherever possible.

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