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Must See Places in Morocco

Morocco is a country which has so many different aspects to it – from vibrant cities to vast deserts – Morocco has it all.

So how do you plan a trip to see as much as possible and get the most out of each experience? The key is how much time you have. If you are on a two week sightseeing tour, then maybe you want to try luxury travel and hotels in the larger cities, but if you have no time constraints then try local travel and map out a tour from the north to the south and down into Western Sahara – a truly wild and beautiful wilderness.

It will also depend on how you get into the country, if you fly in then getting local transport and taxi would be a good way, or if you travel over by ship from Spain in your own car travelling around by yourself will allow more flexibility – there are many choices to make.

The major cities like Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech all have very different vibes and sights to see so any major city will need exploring and sufficient time should be allowed for each. Marrakech has the largest Souk (market) in Africa and also the street food is amazing and must be experienced. It is also the gateway to the Sahara Desert and High Atlas Mountains so many different experiences can be had.

A drive along the coastal road from the North is very special and Essaouira is the Jewel in the crown of cities – a coastal fort city which is a must visit place on your tour.

We live in Agadir which has a totally different feeling – more relaxed and chilled than the northern cities, but again Agadir has a very active arts and music scene and free concerts and festivals happen all the time. Agadir also has a vibrant surfing community with Taghazout village being the birthplace of surfing in Morocco.

As you venture further south, the towns become more rural and eventually you will be in Western Sahara, a very wild and unspoilt area.

The best option is to get a Lonely Plant type guide, pick the areas you want to visit and then plan the route. Buses, taxis and tour operators will offer a full range of options but car hire is fairly cheap and driving is easy, with good roads and easy navigation – the choice is yours!

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