This is my attempt to create a blog, so forgive me if you are experts in this!

I want to try to give visitors an overview of the interesting topics and situations I find myself in everyday – some are hard to believe and very random, some are just typical of a day in the life of a gardener!

Today, I visited a site which was overrun with rats – yes I am a trained pest and rodent controller too!

Recently, the law has changed regarding toxic materials in the environment, rat poison and Aluminum Phosphine gas and the treatment of wildlife (yes even rats!!). This means that the unwary “DIY rat catcher” can expose himself to serious prosecution and fines if he doesn’t follow strict guidelines (and prove he has) including risk assessments, COSSH assessments, treatment reports and prove due cause to use toxins.

A recent professional outfit was fined over £35K for failing to follow the guidelines and exercise due care – a passer by found a dead rat on a foot path near the site and forced the HSE to investigate – an expensive lesson to learn!!

Needless to say, prices must reflect the cost of doing it correctly, but it will be cheaper then £35K!!