After 7 years of trying, the geese have managed to produce a young one!

They have managed to hatch a few but always seem to kill them before the first day. This year for some reason, it was all very different.

We have 2 females and one very large male and they are always together no matter what. This year as the eggs started coming, the grey female built a massive nest mound in the shed and defended it will total determination – not letting anything or anybody near it. So I just left her alone to get on with it.

I counted down from when she first settled, and sure enough on the day predicted, I saw a flash of yellow under her wing when feeding her. I left her another day, but then decided to move her and remove the other eggs, which would never have hatched. As it turned out, of the 10 eggs, 8 were not fertilized and the other one was dead in the egg – too small to break out.

So after almost 2 weeks of trying to get a picture, today, they emerged from the shed to join the others.

They are all so protective of this little thing and attack everything near – the poor chickens get grabbed and soundly beaten up for daring to go near.

Anyway, I thought I would share this little event with you – enjoy the pics!