New Years Eve went off with a bit of a bang.

This year we decided to stay home and invite a few people round for a murder mystery evening. None of us had done one before so we bought a DIY kit and set about it.

We invited the usual suspects; Neale and Sam of Breathe Pictures, Sammie (one of N&S’s mates) and Adam & Emma of Verbatim Call Centres – so we knew we were in for a bit of a session what ever happened!

If you have never done one of these events before, you really need to prep for them – everybody dressed in period costumes – Adam was a Reverend and dressed like the Exorcist, Emma was a “lady” with a Little Britain wig, Sam was in an evening gown as she was her Ladyship, Neale was a poet with a large white wig (hair, something he has only a distant memory of…) and spouted hilarious poems at each and every opportunity. I was Lord Clifford and Karen was the Reverends assistant.

It was a bit hard work, but after downing loads of cocktails and various other beverages, Sam was declared the murderer – all the girls guessed it, all the boys were too hammered by then!

Midnight came and went and the obligatory hangover the next day heralded the start of a new year.

Happy New Year to you all!

Picture = Adam as “The Reverend”