Newbury Sound Apprentice

Graham Showing Chris how to set a mole trap

Today, I was joined by breakfast radio presenter Chris Wright from Newbury Sound, to take on the role as my Apprentice.

Chris arrived late, so not a good start, armed with microphone and trusty companion Paul who was armed with a camera. I was a little apprehensive as to what the day would bring, but Chris talked me through the process and basically he just wanted to do the job and he wanted to get stuck in – so we did!

Firstly, I introduced the guys to the ferrets. Chris was very confident handling them as he had done so before at the RSPCA a few months ago. With time against us, we did not get chance to use them today, but they have been flat out working over the last few months and so did worry too much.

So we loaded up the truck and set off to our first appointment, a small horse breeding stable just down the road. Today we were here to treat some moles in the garden, check some rat activity around the stable block and deal with a persistent rabbit burrow.

So first off, I got Chris to find a suitable mole run and then set a trap correctly. After a few attempts, he did set it perfectly, but needs to work on his hand and arm strength a bit – so a few sessions in the Gym would be required.

Then we inspected the barns for rat activity. Now Chris has a real fear of rats, so this would test him to the limit. We found some activity straight away, so I got Chris to move a few things to see the runs more clearly… that’s when I took the chance to shout “Watch out there’s a rat” to test his reaction. Confirmed – he is afraid of rats – I only hope Paul got this on camera!

After we managed to get Chris down off the roof , ( I havent seen anybody jump that high before!), I got him to set some traps and load some bait staions, then place them. No problem here, good job.

The final job was to gas a very persistent rabbit warren which was posing a danger to the horses. We have successfully ferreted this burrow on a few occasions this year, but with a large wood at the end of the paddock, rabbits keep opening up the holes. As the gassing element of this exercise is dangerous, I did the gassing, but got Chris to fill in and seal the holes. I don’t think digging is a skill he has used much, listen to the interview to find out why….

So tasks over and back to the office for the de-brief. So was Chris Hired or Fired….you will just have to tune in and see!

A big thanks to Chris and Paul for breaking up a very long week – it was great fun and we all had a good laugh – a fairly new experience for me, but it was great to show somebody what we do all day – I don’t think I have ever been asked so many questions..reminds my of the Uncle Buck film! I can imaging Chris as that annoying kid asking all the questions in quick fire succession.

If you don’t listen to Newbury Sound – then do! Tune in to 105.6FM to pick up all the local happenings – its constantly on in our truck and in the office – great for news, travel and weather in Newbury and West Berkshire. Of course if you have a pest problem – call us at Rapid Pest Control!