Tinker – the one with a can on his head

With so many dogs in terrible conditions, the temptation to take every dog and puppy you find is enormous – we resisted for 4 months, feeding and caring for various waifs and strays along the way – I think we are fast becoming known as the crazy English dog people in the village!

One was saved from having his head stuck in a can, we took one to the vets for a leg injury and inoculations, we have just been involved in catching 2 bitches and taking them to be neutered with the Moroccan Animal Aid guys – this is almost a full time occupation here on the beach.

Eva – vanished on a Wednesday night

We also got quite attached to another little girl – we called her Eva and she was very cute. Wednesdays are always a bit of a problem as the local market arrives and draws everybody from the surrounding villages to the beach. We know Wednesdays are always going to be difficult for the beach dogs and most limp on the Thursday as them have had stones thrown at them – not sure why but it happens. Eva disappeared on a Wednesday night never to be seen again.

I guess it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened – one too cute we could not resist – that was Anza.

We collected little Anza from Ulli on Saturday pm – just for a few days of course to give him some rest from it all. Within hours, this little mite wormed her way into our hearts. She is so small and frail how could we possible have her out on the beach with all the other dogs?

We made a safe zone for her under the stairs, our two labradors were not over happy at this intrusion into their lives and so we wanted a place we could put the puppy when it all got too much. The first time we put her in the safe zone she cried for ages – she was getting used to having people around her and feeling safe, but he had to do this for the sake of us all.

So Sunday morning we made the decision to keep her – neither of us could bear the thought of giving her back and we just could not contemplate the beach as her home now – Ulli and Lena were delighted – the plan worked! We had to rename her but this was proving difficult for some reason and we tried various names before Millie finally jumped out at us – so Millie it is.

Our two big girls are slowly allowing more access without growling – the thing is she just bites and nips you all the time – I think it’s just a way of understanding her surroundings. She is so small and young and very vulnerable.

We walk the dogs all together and it is so funny – Millie is so tiny compared to the others, but she runs about all over the place and annoys the other girls terribly.