Hedge cutting

Its been quite a week really. The great weather has made a huge difference – nobody ever expects to have 20 degree temperatures in almost November! One thing that has happened is that people have had a sudden burst of let’s get the garden sorted out before the bad weather comes.

As some blog readers will know, I used to run a pretty big garden maintenance company a few years ago, but my passion has always been pest control, however sometimes I just can resist the odd hedge cutting or fencing job from time to time. Having all the professional grade equipment just makes the whole job easier and better for both us and the client, so when I was asked to take a look at a hedge that was – to quote  – a bit overgrown, I decided this challenge was not to be refused!

Reducing a the height by a good few feet and re-shaping the hedge was jolly hard work, but the results were superb and the client delighted. It turns out that this job was a surprise for the son-in-law who was away on holiday – so we had to do it the next day. Not a problem as we always move quickly to meet our customer’s needs. The other problem was the depth of the hedge- well over 3 metres in most places – so the old shoulders got a bit of a bashing as well.

Some other interesting jobs this week were a new chicken run for my old mate Nigel Morgan of MorganPR who just wanted to expand and tidy up the chicken runs and rat proof as much as possible as well as repairing a thatched roof for another client where a builder had pulled up all the wire protection to build an extension and not replaced – so let the rats in…jolly nice of them!

So for Pest Control, hedge cutting and fencing call Rapid Pest Control now – as well as advice on chickens!