I don’t think there can be many people who could say they have a complete set of labradors – but we have one of each!

Today, it was such a nice day I thought that I would just sit in the garden for a bit, so the dogs all joined me, as did the wife, Karen.

Karen made the dogs all sit nicely (except the old girl who does struggle a bit with this) and I grabbed the camera for what I think is a pretty unique shot.

The line-up is as follows left to right:

Amy – the Black one – aged 15 years! Still going strong and loves her one walk a day. Eats like a horse and still holds her own

Jasmine – the Red one – Aged 3.5 years. She is the brightest and most willing dog I have ever had, will do anything you ask and loves to carry anything about.

Grace – the Yellow one – Aged 2 Years. Readers will have read about our Grace already – she did her first “Picking Up” on Saturday, so did Karen and they both did very well.

Holly – the White one – Aged 8 Years. She is one of Amy’s puppies, but sadly has been injured and now retired early. She will always be my baby as she was the first born.

With time and age pressing on, I do not think we will ever get another chance of a picture like this again, so it is now immortalised in the ether for ever!

All our dogs have a great life, all work and earn their keep and all love it so much. When I just take Jasmine out now for certain days and on some jobs with me, the others just sit and howl, waiting eagerly for my return. It’s a shame you only have them for such a short time. We love them to bits and enjoy working them and the companionship they give.

Yes they are a nuisance sometime and they do make one hell of a mess – the house always looks like a tip, but we would not have it any other way.