I really love gadgets – latest and best so far is my iPhone.

However, sometimes you come across something really simple but it just works. Case in point is this funny ball launcher I bought for Karen (the ever suffering wife) whose lack of ability to throw a ball accurately and further than 5 yards is legendary. Every time we used to walk the dogs, I struggled to find a safe place to stand without getting hit by a ball – some would say “well done” to the misses for hitting me…but that’s just mean!

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So as I was buying dog food the other day, I saw this ball launcher for just £3.00! At that price, even if it didnt work I am sure I could find some task for it, so throwing caution to the wind I acquired the said item as a gift to the wife.

This very simple item has now given accuracy and range – far beyond my thoughts and both the wife and the dogs love it! To create something so simple that give so much fun is what its all about – this is why I should have invented it!

Instead of the almost pathetic distance, the ball goes about 50 metres with little effort, and in the right direction – I suspect it will really hurt if it hit me now!

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Grace, the new one we got from a rescue home, gets so excited she almost bursts and then races with all he might to get the ball before Jasmine does – even doing acrobatics to get there first!

It is totally hilarious – here’s a quick video clip.