As you know, My long suffering partner Karen and I got married in South Africa back in March. Not everybody could come and so we thought we would throw a UK Wedding reception for those who couldn’t make the 5000 mile journey.

After the usual issues of sorting out a party, We set the date, Sunday August 5th, ordered the caterers – we went for a Hog Roast as just about everybody likes that (and a good friend of our provides catering etc) and sent the invites out.

As it happened, this was the hottest day of the year and luckily our friends Donna of Why Not Jewellery and Steve her hubby arranged a rather odd shaped but very effective marquee for us.
I must say the day started off really well – so great to see so many friends and family turn up – the usual suspects Neale and Sam James AKA Breathe Pictures, Paul and Cathy Rosier. Adam (what no Emma? – she was in hospital having just had their new daughter!) Hillier AKA Verbatim Call Centres , Nigel Morgan of Morgan PR(minus Diane due to holiday), to mention but a few….

As the day moved to evening, after the Hog Roast had been reduced to a bag of bones (this was probably the best Hog ever!) it was time to cut the cake kindly supplied by my Mum.

After this, things get a little blurred for yours truly – we made a big fire on the patio and all the “die hards” sat around talking the usual bull and getting slaughtered – Louis was pouring my drinks (he worked for me as a work experience the week before and Neale James picked on him everyday on his breakfast radio show) and so got his revenge – “Doing me Ugly” on the Brandy and Cokes (not much Coke me thinks!) until I passed out.

The next day I was done for. I don’t think I have ever felt so ill on drink – I still can’t touch a brandy after 4 weeks!

What a great party – can’t wait until our anniversary now!

Picture 1 – The strange but useful tent

Picture 2 – The Catering Team hard at work!

Picture 3 – Cutting the cake – well on the way to being drunk!