We bought a new trailer about 6 months ago from an outfit in reading called Indespension – a strange name which doesn’t really say what they do and unless you know them its a job to find them, however the service received and the price negotiated was great.

The sign of an excellent supplier and one that I would recommend is how they conduct themselves when confronted with a problem.

Monday we had a disaster. We were part way through a major clearance job when I noticed the sides of the trailer wouldn’t fit as they should. One of the lads noticed a small crack in the metal framework, which on closer inspection was a major crack in the welding of the chassis of the trailer – rendering the whole thing unsafe to use.

I was pretty much dreading making the call to Indespension and expected the worse, however I was soon put at ease. The call was taken and the manager located in Welwyn Garden City. I was promised a replacement trailer to get me working again within the next 4 hours – sure enough, Ron the manager personally delivered a new trailer for us to use and took the other one away for inspection.

The very next day, I had a call from Ron saying the manufacturing plant had authorised a replacement trailer without further need for delay. I was a bit shocked and surprised at the speed of decision, but also delighted with the way it was sorted.

Being a cheeky git, I also asked if we could have a different model of trailer as the one they brought us to use was actually better suited to the type of work we did (and a newer model too) – again, this was agreed and so I collected a brand new trailer that day!

I have no hesitation in recommending Indespension – especially the Reading branch with Ron and his team. If you want a trailer of any description, these guys do it – a great price and outstanding customer care – nice one chaps it all helps to lower my stress levels too!!