Photography in Morocco

As a keen photographer, one of the amazing things about Morocco is the light. Yes of course there is amazing scenery, people and places, but the light really makes a huge difference in the way you shoot and capture moods and situations.

I used to do a lot of wildlife and sports photography, so here there are plenty of opportunities to capture surfing images and beach football but there are also lots of wildlife and people shots to be had as well.

Most situations are absolutely fine, but as with any photography you need to engage with the subjects and also agree permission if you are taking specific shots. I would discourage the giving of money to people as this is not the best way to engage.

The laws can be a little difficult to grasp but you may be challenged as to the use of the pictures so just be careful – never take pictures of palaces or police – you will potentially be arrested and made to delete the images or have your equipment confiscated.

Most people are pretty cool with everything, but if in doubt ask or even don’t take the shot.

As to the flora and fauna in Morocco, you will be amazed at what you can find and the opportunities for this type of image are endless – I have captured some very interesting bird and insect images, as well as some beautiful landscapes and sunsets.

I am sure you will find some interesting subjects and places to shoot, so just relax and enjoy the experiences

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