Deserted beach at Tamri

The north road, the N1 from Agadir towards Essaouira, offers some of the most stunning scenery in Morocco. The road closely follows the Atlantic coast for approximately 60km before going up a spectacular mountain pass, offering unsurpassed views from a few vantage points along the way. You are now in true Morocco, away from everything.

This Coastal road snakes it’s way along the coastline, going though villages like Taghazout, famous for it’s surfing community, Paradise Beach with the Altantique Restaurant, always serving the best and freshest seafood and fish available and some great little spots to stop off and watch the sea, fish or swim.

As you pass the lighthouse, the road and terrain changes to more desert like, then you go slightly inland to the small village of Tamri, a fertile valley which grows massive amounts of fruit and vegetables to supply the local population. This also has a fabulous hidden beach entrance which takes you down to a cove where the surf is excellent and you will be pretty much on your own. Just be careful to stick to the hard roads because you will get stuck in the sand and it’s a long walk back to get help.

I have also been told about a bird sanctuary near the village but could not find it, so another reason to come back again!

One place to visit along this road is Imsouane, a small self contained fishing village perched right on the edge of the Atlantic. Literally, this village is the first turning on the left from Agadir but it’s about 90km until you get to it!

The road to the village is basically a single track road, so you must be especially careful along here. As you drive along it, there is one spot you must stop and take in the view. It offers a panoramic view both up and down the coast from a height of about 400mt so don’t go too close to the edge!

As you approach the village, you will see this has been built up towards the rear of he village as this is a popular place for holiday homes, however the closer you get to the village centre, you will see the true village. On the day I visited, one of the famous winds was playing havoc with everything, so unfortunately most of the restaurants were closed, but I am told the seafood is excellent and the locals are very friendly.

Right on the harbor entrance, some houses have been built into the sea wall … This all looks a little too scary to me and I would not want to stay in one of these houses!

It’s well worth the drive to see this place, despite extremely strong winds which often happen in this village, there are some great looking places to eat and spend some time in.

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