We recently did a slightly different job to the normal – this was part of a total garden clearance as well but it all links together really in the overall scheme of the look and feel of a garden.

This pond area was designed to be a major feature of this garden, however it had become very overgrown and the plants and weeds obviously thrived on the environment. Before we started, you could not actually see the water – we had to tread carefully to avoid a wet foot etc!

After a few hours of thinning, we managed to uncover a very nice pond feature and some really nice plants, all of which were covered in Bind Weed and Nettles before. We didn’t discover any fish, but this pond had become a real haven for frogs, toads and newts which are always great to see.

We are due to re-visit this property in the winter months to do some fruit tree pruning, tidy up a very overgrown fruit area containing Redcurrant, Blackcurrant and Raspberry as well as doing more work on the pond area in readiness for the spring.