Cluster Flies are a nuisance that must be controlled

About this time every year, house owners are experiencing the dreaded cluster fly invasion.

  • The good news is that cluster Flies do not carry disease, so pose no health risk.
  • The bad news is they are disgusting, very buzzy and just make a huge mess, so need to be controlled.

Rapid Pest Control have been offering a high quality service in destroying cluster fly problems for years. We have now added some new products and services in the constant war against this recurring nightmare.

Rapid Pest Control now offer ULV treatments (meaning Ultra Low Volume) creating a highly effective treatment for a variety of applications. Insecticides are passed through a specially designed computerised application unit, ensuring droplets of insecticide are of uniform size, creating a fog. The main advantage is that the treatment will work as an airborne treatment as well as a surface treatment as the fog slowly settles, making it highly effective.

By using ULV treatments, the application dose can be reduced to the most effective levels making it environmentally friendly and cost effective to use.

The other product we are recommending for a more long-term solution is the Titan Cluster Fly Unit, which is an electric fly catcher designed for free standing, suspension or wall mounting. This will work away 24×7 giving protection from all flying insects in your loft space. These units are high quality units specifically designed for easy maintenance and long service.

Titan Cluster Fly Trap

For more information on the Titan Cluster Fly Unit, contact Rapid Pest Control Now, or to book a cluster fly treatment call 01635 247192