Regular readers will recall our trip to Las Vegan in October for the Brad Sugar’s Billionaire seminar. As with all these things, they only work if you put what is taught to you into practice.

Over this last month, I have been applying various tips picked up to improve the business, as well as our private lives too.

The results have been staggering.

November has been our busiest month ever, with record billings achieved, more contracts won and more quotes sent out – I am also looking to improve our close rates (its pretty good anyway, but always room for improvement!). Furthermore, I have implemented monitoring and quality measurements to ensure our performance is always improved.

My next project is to update our website and improve our conversion and click through rates via Irun Solutions and more google campaigns.

We have had a few set-backs – mostly due to mechanical failure of vehicles and machines, but this also has to be expected with an increase in work load. This obviously has an affect on the business, but my aim is to plan for these and ensure we have a back up option.

In our private life, Karen and I have got more organised, employed a cleaner/ironing service to remove the pressure of constantly having to think about this, attempted to sort out our shopping via the Internet (this really takes up loads of time to sort out initially!) and basically started to manage our time more effectively so we can spent more time together.
I have also managed to fit in more hobby time – I now spend much more time working my gun dogs and doing more field sports.
The law of space has prevailed – basically if you create space it will be filled, by getting more things sorted, I have more time to do other things and spend more time with the family – brilliant!