Recently, we were called in to offer several fencing options on excluding deer from a garden in Newbury. The house in question has had a persistent issue with deer coming into the gardens and eating all the plants for a number of years, and several attempts have been made to exclude them.

The most cost effective method is a simple deer fence which is made of mesh, but it looks pretty ugly and certainly not in keeping with the house or the area, so we suggested a quality close board fence which would offer much more than simple deer exclusion. Deer Fencing is primarily used to protect wooded areas or as a boundary fence which is pretty much out of sight.

The area in question is a prestigious residential area in Newbury, with lots of footpaths around, so adding more privacy and security to the property was seen as a real benefit in addition to excluding the deer, as well as looking good and in keeping with the surroundings.

Our first task was to clear the area, removing past attempts at fencing and cut back bushes and undergrowth. Then we did the most important thing, laying out the framework for the fence. As this had a dogleg in it, getting this right was essential to make the fence look great. I have seen a lot of jobs which have just been thrown up and they look awful, so spending time getting the fence layout right is time well spent both for us and the client as they get a better job.

Once the frame is laid out and set, the boards can be applied, completing the fence. We did have to tie into the neighbours existing fence so matching the style and getting an exact fit was critical.

Needless to say, thanks to all the careful planning, the fence looked great and the customer was delighted. We also got several comments from people passing on what a nice job, which is great as well, and we also got a few business cards taken as well … It just shows you people do appreciate and notice good work.

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