Yesterday we started a major fencing job in Hungerford for Nigel Morgan of Morgan PR.

We finally got the long awaited panels after close on 8 weeks, and with jobs building up, the start dates were fixed in stone for this week – come hell or high water.

The rain was torrential virtually all day – we did enjoy the 15 mins of sunshine which just gave us enough hope to carry on.

Nigel made the customary offer of help – the sort of offer we all make when you see anybody struggling against the odds – but I would not subject any normal person to this kind of abuse. This is reserved for the slightly deranged, or the clinically insane – I am not sure yet which category we fall into!

Big thanks to my intrepid crew who carried on all day with hardly a complaint – and of course to Nigel for the tea and cakes throughout the day, which we consumed under the gazebo which acted as shelter during the heaviest downpour.

Nigel did take “before, during and will take after shots” (once completed) so I will get those in due course – and I am sure he will do a blog on this too

Despite the weather, the job has gone extremely well – a bit slower than normal due to the rain but a vast improvement on the previous fence…….will update on progress as it happens.