Reports are coming in of more spread of resistant rats into Oxfordshire, particularly in Wallingford and Henley areas.

Dr Alan Buckle of the Rodenticide Resistance Action Group has highlighted the problem once again of indiscriminate use of poisons which do not effect the rats it is targeting, which leads to a genetic mutation of rats leading them to become resistent. 

It is important to understand that if you have rats in any of these areas, you will not get rid of them without professional help. Buying a box of poison from your local superstore (again this is one of the causes of the problem) will do nothing but provide a food source for the rats. As professional Pest Controllers, we are limited to using certain poisons outside so if we have a problem area, we need to deploy other methods like trapping, gassing and shooting – all activities that should only be attempted by people who know how to do this effectively and safely.

At Rapid Pest Control, we have vast experience in dealing with rodent problems, and in particular with resistant rat problems, so are the ideal choice for dealing with rat problems in Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire. We are also Wildlife Aware Accredited, so you can be sure we have a structured and wildlife safe approach to dealing with rat problems.

Dr Buckle is pushing for the controlled use of more acute poisons in specific areas, which we believe is the right way forward, providing it is regulated and controlled and available to professional pest controllers only. These poisons are highly toxic and indiscriminate use could have a devastating effect on the wildlife in the area unless controls and checks are in place.

The bottom line is that rats are dangerous and must be controlled, so other methods and techniques must be used to control them. If we get the opporunity to use more potent poisons, it would be a useful tool in the toolbox, but it must be used sparingly and under control.

This morning, I was speaking on BBC Radio Oxford about how we deal with resistant rats and the techniques we use to do this.

If you have a rat problem in Wallingford or Henley contact Rapid Pest Control in Oxford now for advice and help on dealing with resistant rats. Rapid Pest Control has offices in Newbury, Basingstoke, Swindon, Reading and Oxford, so you can be sure of a fast and effective service to deal with your rat problem.