Rats in Loft

Last week was totally manic. We had call after call about rats and mice in lofts. With a sudden change in weather over the last week and much more cold spells to come, we are expecting even more calls over the coming weeks.

The main issue is to discover the entry point. I am constantly surprisedĀ at the lengths these creatures go to gain access to a space which contains very little food and water (in most cases) and also usually is pretty cold and windy! I suppose any place is better than none.

One recent visit had me puzzled. I was called to a pretty new detached house in Newbury, who had reported lots of scratching above the main bedroom. First step in all these cases is to try and establish a pattern of activity and the culprit responsible. I did a detailed inspection of the loft space which did not yield much in the way of evidence (mice poo, rat poo, chewing, runs and tunnels under insulation etc).

I was just about to descend from the loft, when I saw a single rat dropping by the water tank. Sure enough, Our unwanted guest had made a nest right here in the thick insulation. The big puzzle was how did it get in and why?

Following an inspection of the exterior, there was no breach anywhere or gap to get in. Now I am really puzzled. The only possible entry place was a drain pipe then under the tiles via the gutter. This has now been fitted with a guard, so it’s now down to poisoning / trapping this rat and job done.

The normal path of entry is creepers up the wall, holes in cavity walls, rats digging under foundations, dodgy repairs to roofs etc…the list can go on.

Best thing to do is if you hear things in the loft, contact us so we can check it out sooner rather than later – the last thing you need is a breeding colony of mice in the loft eating all your stuff!