Rat Control

I did a job yesterday which kind of confirms that all wildlife is suffering in the bad weather. Natural food is very scarce so the rats are doing everything possible to get to food.

I had a call that there was a rat trapped in a shed and could I deal with it – of course no problem. Normally, once disturbed the culprit is long gone, however on this occasion, when I opened the door, our furry friend was sat there looking at me!

The shed itself was really well-built with no visible gaps or holes, on a concrete base so having walked around the shed to block any possible exit before despatching the rat, I found nothing.

So going back into the shed, before I switched the lights on, I could see a hole in the roof! Now as clever as this rat was to do this, it didn’t consider the force of gravity and how it was going to get out again….so the despatch was quick and un-eventful.

The source of food it was after was some apples set aside for winter – he did have a good last meal anyway.

How did it get on the roof? It commando climbed the electric cable leading from the house – now that is clever!

Unfortunately, my phone camera was not playing ball and I didn’t get any shots of this – it would be one for the pest album!