Rat Control Newbury

I had an urgent call on Friday from a new client who had seen rats running about in the car park and grounds of their offices – right in the middle of Newbury Town Centre.

As I arrived in the car park, a big fat rat was sat on the grass area watching me park, then just ambled off into the bushes before I could get to it. Whilst I was shown around the grounds, another one was seen walking about – indicating a complete lack of fear for humans.

Seeing rats in the day also indicates that food is scarce and the population is struggling to find enough food for the number of rats in that particular area.

On my initial inspection, several rat holes were found that were very well used, so the course of treatment for these would be gassing, but there were also several very well trodden runs from other properties, showing the transit routes ideal for baiting.

When using rat poison, it is vital to eliminate all other sources of food. I am confident that food is scarce in this area and so the baits will be readily taken.

When I use poison, I always try several different formulations and media – using Difenacoum or Bromodiolone – both equally good second generation poisons – in block, loose pellet and pasta bait form to ensure at least one will be taken, then once the preferred bait is identified, revert all bait stations to this bait.

Whilst I was on site, I spoke to one of the local food establishment owners in the affected area who has one of the big national pest control companies working for them (forced by head office), who I am sad to say, have not been doing a particularly good job. It is a shame as the difference between doing it properly and not isn’t a big leap really – it probably is just a training issue for the staff.

It is vital that any rat issue is dealt with quickly as rats pose a major health risk to the area.

Having completed the initial treatment of gassing and baiting, I will keep you informed of the progress of this situation.

If you are facing a similar issue, just contact us. I am happy to offer advise on any pest issue, especially rats and mice.