When you own a property by the sea, one thing you have to do is constantly refurbish and paint everything! On our last trip over to Villa Ramallah, we noticed the paint was starting to peal off the front walls and roof terrace, so we contacted our builders to ask advise on the best way to stop this happening. After a meeting and a bit of arm waving, it was decided to stipple the wall with new render and a different grade of paint, more suitable to the harsh conditions of sea, wind and sun.

We also wanted to do some more decoration inside the villa – we want to create an authentic Moroccan experience for our guests, specifically based on the region. Decorative tiling is very common in all homes in Aourir, so we decided to increase the tiling, and give the rest of the house a lick of paint at the same time. We also upgraded the water pump in the well – it had a few problems over the last year, so we wanted to fix it once and for all.

So after the obligatory haggling over the prices, the tea of course and a firm handshake, the plans were launched.

The only stipulation was that the work must start almost straight away, which we decided was not a problem. Little did we know that the remaining week of our holiday would be living in a building site!

The next morning, we were woken at 6:30am to the sound of lots of shouting and hammering – I jumped out of bed and ran outside – only to be greeted by the builder and his merry band!

Then the hammering started….3 days solid of chipping off the old render, making good the wals ready for tiling and then the dust…my god the dust!

So for the remaining week of our holiday, we went out from 7am until 6pm everyday, visited loads of places and ate everywhere – as it happens we did more than normal and met lots of new people so in fact it literally got us out of the house!

Anyway, we are delighted with the results – the villa looks amazing and hopefully we will not have to do any further maintenance like this for many years to come.

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Enjoy the pictures: