One thing about having a beach front villa is that you must keep the elements out and the area clean because of the sea spray and sunshine. Its a bit of a hostile environment for a garden and so when we were visiting in May, we decided that the poor old garden just had to go.

We are very fortunate that we have some mature plants and trees – Pomegranate, Hibiscus, Lemon and Banana in particular, so we wanted to protect these but the rest of the garden was very high maintenance for the few pretty flowers etc. we had.

So we got our local guys in to discuss options, and they came up with turning the area into a patio, adding a dry stone wall to the pathway and a few steps to turn this area into a useful area for eating or for a barbecue. They also designed the area to cater for the trees, ensuring they could grow happily for years to come.

Picture from the driveway

Before Picture of Patio Area

After Picture - Patio Area

Pomegranate and Banana Trees preserved

Pathway made from Dry Stone

We also commissioned some work inside – basically to protect the walls and brighten up the inner hall way with some very nice tiles as well as painting a feature wall in the lounge.

Tiling the inner hall to protect the walls

Painting the feature wall makes a real difference to the Authentic feel of Morocco

All these changes just make Villa Ramalah feel more like home from home – we cant wait to be back there in September!

So why not book this home from home. To check availability or find out more about Villa Ramalah, our beach front villa in Agadir Morocco, contact us via the website or call +44 1635 247192