Rapid Pest Control are proud to be members and supporters of the Campaign for responsible Rodenticide Use CRRU for short. Fundamentally, we abide to a code of practice when using rodenticides to remove rat problems.

As pest control specialists, we have a few methods available to us to control rats, but the mainstay of our arsenal is the use of poison baits. The use of such baits must involve recording the amount of bait taken and applied and making sure only the target species can gain access to the poisons.

It is also vital that the carcasses are found and disposed of safely to ensure non target species do not suffer from secondary poisoning – for example a bird of prey picking up a dead mouse left exposed will also take a concentrated form of the poison in the flesh of the prey, causing death or illness from eating this.

The code follows a few simple but effective rules:

  • Always have a planned approach
  • Always record quantity of bait & where it is placed
  • Always use enough baiting points
  • Always collect and dispose of rodent bodies
  • Never leave bait exposed to non-target animals and birds
  • Never fail to inspect bait regularly
  • Never leave bait down at the end of the treatment

At Rapid Pest Control, we keep extensive records of baits placed and taken, plus ensure  that any poison not taken after the treatment is collected and disposed of in a safe manner. If you want to know more about the campaign or get involved either contact us or www.thinkwildlife.co.uk for more details.