Few things can ever beat galloping along a beach, so when the opportunity presents itself, you grab it with both hands. During our time in Morocco, we have come across all sorts of things, but we never expected to come across a superb ranch literally behind our villa – especially one run by a Brit!

We met the owner by accident – well almost an accident. As usual the dogs were being a nightmare up a little track when this people carrier was coming the other way, as we tried to get them off the road so the car could pass, an English voice was heard….so we stopped, chatted and exchanged numbers.

A little later, our friends Lena and Ulli asked about horse riding so we decided to try out the Ranch Amodou ChevalĀ . We booked for a 2 hour beach ride, but there are loads of options for all types of trip and for all experience levels – even 2 and 3 days excursions and camping (one for the future!).

On arrival, we were matched with horses to suit our ability and size, then off we went to the beach. Lena and I are experienced, Karen is a good rider but lacks a bit of confidence and Ulli a complete novice. We are also joined by a girl who was going on a full day and another German girl who was out for a 2 hour ride too. We had 2 guides on horseback and 1 on foot to assist with the less experienced riders.

Getting to Panorama beach involves a cliff top walk around Banana Point, through the village at Devils Rock and finally onto the 7km long Panorama beach. The tide was mid point so there was plenty of space, but luckily there are very few people on the beach once you get away from the carpark area at Devil’s rock.

The group split into two – those who wanted a gallop down the beach and those who were happy to go at a slower pace. Our group started off with a gentle trot, building into a fast trot and then canter … the guides were watching all the time to make sure you were OK and happy to raise the pace. Finally a medium gallop for a good Km or so, slowing to a walk and rest whilst the other caught up.

The guides were very happy to take pictures and engage so we had quite a good laugh with them whilst waiting for the others. Once the group joined up again, we carried on for a while longer just chatting and enjoying the ride. The only distraction was the construction going on – with such an amazing beach you can expect the builders to be keen to get a hotel here – Marriot is one of them.

After a brief rest, and a few photos, it was time to head back. The girl who was on the day trek, carried on towards Tagazout and the Mountains, but we split again into our groups and our group galloped for a very long way before resting the horses close to the carpark at Devils rock. Ulli was getting tuition from the walking guide and trotted and even cantered for the first time – so that was great and everybody else managed a short canter too.

2 hours just flies by and before you know it we are back at the Ranch. Everybody had a great time and for a first outing, the length was just about right – I expect to suffer as its been a while since I have ridden out properly.

The horses are well cared for, in excellent condition and really responsive to commands – a real pleasure to ride. Mine was a really headstrong female who I am told knows if you can ride or not and responds accordingly – she was a very nice ride and we soon bonded.

Since this outing, we have been for another ride – I had Tilida again and Karen had a horse called Luna who also suited her perfectly – we will always ask for these horses in the future.Our plans are to take an excursion and do an overnight – we are told this is an amazing experience and one not to be missed – I think we need to get a bit fitter to do this though.

A big thanks to Denise and Adil for their hospitality and for sorting everything out for us.