When we get a call about noises in the loft or roof space, it is generally a pretty clear cut problem, however we have a client in Oxford where the signs just did not stack up. Our first thought was mice, but no real evidence was seen, and what the client was telling us did not follow normal mouse patterns, then we thought rats, but no smell, faeces or evidence of activity, so was it squirrels…again no evidence.

It is impossible to treat a problem in a roof unless you know what it is, so in cases like this, the best thing to do is deploy infrared motion sensing cameras to catch whatever it is in the act.

So after picking the most likely spot to position a camera, we set it up, test it and leave it for a night, following up the next day to see whats going on.

The camera we use is excellent as it have several modes of operation, everything from single shot, multi-shot or video record – it all depends what we are doing with it. On this occasion we wanted to capture activity, so set the video record mode for bursts of 60 seconds – just enough time to capture action and allow identification, but also to assess the number of visitors as well.

When we reviewed the video the next day, it was pretty obvious what the problem was – we had 44 activation’s over a 12 hour period, right through the night.

Our uninvited guests were mice – several of them literally running about all over the place! Some of the content produced was pretty funny – they love to explore and so we had them crawling all over the camera, triggering the video as they went.

Now the problem is clearly identified as mice, appropriate action can be taken and the issue resolved properly.

We use lots of different cameras to assess problems, detect things happening under floor boards, in drains to look for blockages and rat problems and to record evidence of situations. One of the most unusual requests we had from one of our clients was to catch somebody throwing dog poo over a fence into their garden….very odd behaviour….consequently that has now stopped!

If you hear noises in the loft or roof, one thing you cannot do is ignore it – mice, rats and squirrels in your loft are so destructive in terms of destroying property, eating cabling and mess. Most house and building fires are caused from cabling being chewed by rodents. Also, dealing with the problem effectively is essential, placing ineffective traps and baits in a loft will increase the opportunity to breed and drag a problem on longer than necessary.

So if you have noises in the loft and suspect mice or rats being in your loft, call Rapid Pest Control now to get this resolved quickly and effectively. With offices in Newbury, Reading, Oxford, Swindon and Basingstoke, you can be assured of a fast effective mouse and rat control services – as well as dealing with all of your pest control problems.