With the number of calls increasing for hornet nest problems, I took the opportunity of a really nice day and videoed a quite large hornets nest in the dormer window of a house in Thatcham. I found this nest when attending a call next door to this property- basically the hornets were coming into the care home and causing some concern to the residents there, but no nest could be found. I was called in to find the nest and deal with it.

I did a thorough inspection of the care home and could not see any activity, so the best thing to do is just sit and watch. After 10 minutes or so, I saw some hornets flying about, so just followed them to the nest – next door!

So having chatted to the neighbour (who had not noticed it) they decided the right thing to do was treat the hornets nest immediately, especially as the hornets were causing issues next door.

Now hornets are not aggressive and normally have high level nests, keeping themselves to themselves. They hunt at night and in the day, so seeing them at night coming into the light to catch moths is reasonably common. Getting one trapped in the kitchen is quite scary and they do get the hump and attack after a while – especially if you have tried to spray them or swat them!

I keep saying, DO NOT try to deal with a hornets nest yourself – they will sting and they do pack one hell of a punch – leave it to the experts and definitely DO NOT poke the nest (yes some people actually do!!).

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