With the rabbit control season in full swing, we took some time out to show you a little bit about ferreting and how we use ferrets for rabbit control. This video shows a very short clip of setting the nets and how we put the ferrets to work.

Karen, the ever patient wife, had not been ferreting before so I took the opportunity of a nice sunny but cold day to introduce her to this, and of course got her to bring the video camera too!

The out-takes are always the funniest, but so as not to offend any readers, we have not included me rolling around in the mud,¬†wrestling¬†and diving for bolting rabbits….maybe next time!

Anyway, it was a good morning, the client was happy to get rid of a few more rabbits and the ferrets got a great supper out of it as well. dont forget, if you have a rabbit problem, call Rapid Pest Control today so we can solve it for you – you can also meet the ferrets too!

Enjoy the video!