With the beaches remaining closed, all we can do is hike and skate. Today, we decided to skate as far as we could along the corniche from Devils Rock to Sol House. The crazy thing is we can do this without issue (you need to carry a mask as officially you must wear one when outdoors) but walk on the beach and all hell breaks loose! Yes, it’s madness – but that’s Morocco!

Karen’s skateboarding skills have rocketed and she is doing so well – in fact, we both upgraded our boards. The corniche is not the best surface but it’s ok for the occasional skate. Instead of a smooth surface, they opted for a broken gravel finish which is pretty painful to ride on and sucks away any speed you may get.

Nevertheless, being out close to the beach is really good and getting some nice exercise and views is good.

“They can close the beaches but they can’t take away our freedom”

We await any positive news about opening the beaches and also the borders so we can travel once more – in the meantime we just keep smiling and keep away from contact with people.