When there is little or no surf, or if you just fancy doing something different, a really great place to visit is Taghazout Skate Park. Situated on top of the hill about Taghazout, it really is such a great place to skate – for kids of all ages!

Getting there by road means you have to take the top road, go down to the La Source roundabout, then back up the other side – be careful as there is no sign and you can easily drive right by it. If you are walking, there is a footpath up the hill from the main street.

The site is run by the Taghazout Skateboard Association and it is very well designed, and the area is kept pretty clean and tidy. The guys who run the site are super friendly and always willing to help, boards are also available if you need them.

We are not very good, but most of the youngsters are so amazing, it’s great to watch them.

We tend to go early morning, as I said we are not good and so having other people about will really annoy them I’m sure! The other reason we go then is that it is so peaceful and the views of the bay are stunning. We skate a bit, sit and watch the view a bit then skate a bit more.

Last weekend, Karen and I went up to let off a bit of steam, whilst it is great to see the beaches filled with people, this year has been a real challenge. For some reason we seem to have had loads of problems with the visitors this time – very rude, throwing stones at the dogs and loads of screaming and noise, so we needed to escape for a few hours.

I find that skateboarding really helps my surfing, balance and turning on dry land allows you to think it all through, on the waves you do not get that chance.

Here are a few pics – we must get some lessons as we are getting to a point of little improvement – believe me it’s hard and scary, especially on longboards not designed for this type of use.

If you get a chance to go and try it out, it’s well worth it – there are also lots of competitions and events laid on by the association too.