Tawenza Square is a little gem we recently discovered for skateboarding. Situated between Tamraght and Taghazout in the new Taghazout Bay development, it is a fairly small circle of very smooth cement, ideal for developing skills on Longboards and Surfskates.

Parking is a little way away, up on the main road, but you just have to walk through the development to get to The Square. There is also a new skatepark close to the road, but so far we have not used it – it looks a little like it’s been designed for scooters and inline skaters, but I am sure it is good (I will try and let you know in a future post). It is right by the ocean so you can practice to the sound of the waves in the background.

Whilst the skate area is flat, you get some good speed with a few pushes, allowing you to practice your footwork.

Currently, we are working on cross-stepping, and moving around the board more confidently, doing lots of fakie steps and maneuvers leading to shovits and ladykillers (I am a long way off these yet!).

If you have never skated, getting your natural position to change to the exact opposite is really tough – your brain just does not want you to do it. It’s like writing with the wrong hand or kicking a ball wrong-footed – you have to switch off your senses and go with it.

Karen is getting really good and is really enjoying skating – she is preferring this type of skating rather than the park as its a bit scary and fast on the park (she really is not an adrenalin junky).

For me, this is a way to get better at surfing. The maneuvers are the same and being able to try them in a more controlled environment allows me to feel the way to do it in the water, where nothing is in your control!

I still prefer going to the Taghazout Skate Park as I love the speed and movement of this great little park, but going somewhere like this is good for the disciplines you need to improve.

Also, you meet up with friends here too just to chill and hang out. Lena and Mohammed joined us recently and taught us a few new moves to work on.

It’s very tiring both mentally and physically, so afterward we like to head off for breakfast – one of our favorite stops after skating is BabaKool for a M’Semen with goats cheese, honey, and nuts (Moroccan pancake) and a Nos Nos coffee (Latte) before heading home.