Hedge Laying

Whilst I do love the snow, it really is very disruptive to business. This week I had planned to do some hedge laying – another string to the bow – on the outskirts of Hungerford but that has now been pushed out.

You may be thinking ‘bit of a strange thing for a pest control company to do’ , but actually cutting hedges and hedge laying in particular actually keeps problem pests out and increases the habitat for our good wildlife and insects.

A well-kept hedge, especially a layed hedge is surprisingly difficult for deer and rabbits to penetrate. Deer for instance will not even attempt to push through a decent hedge – they are much more picturesque than a chain link fence and a lot less cost too.

I was lucky enough to be trained by one of England’s finest champion hedge layers and so working with him taught me loads. I was really looking forward to doing this as well.

Hedge Laying is making a real comeback – farming methods are changing and now farmers and landowners have planted many of the hedgerows grubbed out back in the 70’s and 80’s. The new hedges are now ready to be layed properly. If you have a hedge and want to make a feature of this, just contact me for a free assessment and quotation. One good thing is that they are pretty much maintenance free for a good few years after being layed.

Getting the materials for doing the laying was a challenge this time as my old supplier has retired, but by chance I met a new supplier who makes hazel hurdles – and the stakes and binders I need are also supplied by him – really interesting guy who pretty much lives in the woods…we had a lot to talk about!

Anyway, time to stoke up the fire for the evening – I have done far too much paperwork and business planning for one day!