Haggling is a total way of life in Morocco. Everybody does it for everything from Milk to Motors.

One thing you have to get used to is doing it, yes I know Brits are “Hagglefobic”, but once you start and get used to it…you will love it!

When we go to the Villa in Aourir, we always buy everything locally in the village to make sure money is coming into the people who live and work in the area and to support them, but also so everybody knows us and the guests that stay in the villa, ensuring you always get the best prices and not ripped off.

We have a few favourites and make sure we visit them quite a few times during our stay. We take Cadburys Chocolate and a few pens etc. for their kids. One of our regulars is Hassan. He is known as the pottery man but sells just about everything from tagines, lamps and fishing rods to mirrors and rugs! In fact, if you want something he can get it.

We are always looking to add character to the villa and try to keep everything in true Moroccan style, so we needed to add a few lamps and a rug in the living room, so off to Hassan to see what he had. He has a main shop and several lock-ups in the village so the whole experience takes a pretty long time. The main purchase we wanted was some lamp shades for the small bedroom and a rug if we could find one.

So off to the first lock up to rummage around…

So armed with a new rug, off to the next one….

Having selected our bounty, its off to the main shop to sort out the deal….this is where your nerve must hold. He knows he has you, so starts at some crazy price. You laugh and offer a crazy price the other way…and so it goes on!

By now Karen the wife is going crazy. She hates to haggle. But this is a man thing and Hassan and I slog away for quite a way until an acceptable deal is struck. This now includes some very nice ornamental tagines, a cous cous bowl and promise of some large planter when the patio is finished this month!

So when in Aourir, go and check out Hassan. He is the second pot shop on the left and tell him we sent you for the best prices!